University of Pittsburgh Facilities Management

Emissions Reductions

Bellefield Boiler Plant

Bellefield Boiler Plant
  • Provides central steam supply for the University, UPMC, Carnegie Mellon, the Carnegie Museums & Library, Phipps Conservatory, and two Pittsburgh Public Schools facilities.
  • Formerly burned mainly coal, but converted to all natural gas on July 1, 2009.
  • The conversion to all gas reduced the capacity of the plant – no longer has sufficient capacity to serve all owners.
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Carrillo Street Steam Plant

Carrillo Street Steam Plant
  • Located on Carrillo Street behind Trees Hall
  • Began operation in November, 2009
  • Houses six boilers with a total steam capacity of 600,000 lbs/hr.
  • Plant has capacity to meet current and anticipated future needs for both Pitt and UPMC.
  • Boilers are designed to operate using either natural gas (primary) or oil.
  • Plant is equipped with state of the art emissions control technology.
  • This technology will provide for significantly lower emissions levels than those that can be achieved by the Bellefield plant, even after the switch to all-gas operation.
  • Compliance testing has successfully met an ultra-low NOx limit of 9 parts per million.
  • To our knowledge, the Carrillo plant is the only University plant in the nation to have achieved this ultra-low NOx limit.
  • Plant is currently serving approximately 50% of the University's and UPMC's combined steam requirements, and is expected to begin serving all Pitt/UPMC facilities within the next several years.
  • For Pitt and UPMC facilities, the full transfer of production from the Bellefield Plant to the Carrillo Street plant is projected to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 48,000 metric tons (47% reduction in steam-related CO2 emissions).
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