University of Pittsburgh Facilities Management

Our Team

Dan Marcinko
Sustainability Coordinator

Dan interacts with University departments, faculty and student groups to coordinate green initiatives.

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Laura Zullo
Senior Manager of Energy Initiatives

Laura is responsible for energy conservation and utilities management, including energy audits and analysis of utility budgets.

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Mary Rugh
Senior Manager of Engineering

Mary manages FM’s engineering group, and is responsible for Pitt’s high-voltage electrical distribution system. Mary also works to develop and ensure compliance with FM design standards.

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Rich Heller
Senior Electrical Engineer

Rich is a LEED-accredited professional responsible for electrical system designs, maintenance, and operations. He also participates as a team member in all LEED projects.

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Dan Fisher
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Operations and Maintenance

Dan is responsible for maintenance and operations of Pitt's educational and general facilities.

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Will Mitchell
Senior Manager of Custodial Services

Will is responsible for custodial operations, waste management, recycling, and waste minimization, including recycling of construction and demolition waste.

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